Design Philosophy

We are a team of leaders, people who can deliver a powerful design philosophy built on the principle, ‘ideas and buildings honor the broader goals of society.’ It is a principle that PSRBB founders established years ago. It is what we believed then, and what we still believe today. Most importantly, our design philosophy distinguishes between buildings that are merely built, and those that are lived in.

With those ideals in mind, our firm has made a commitment to advancing the way the world designs, erects and uses its buildings. In the end, however, everything is rooted in a fundamental belief that great architecture is less a matter of pure style than of function, need and context. If there is a common denomination in every design, it is this: A building can only be great when it is designed to assist its users, please its neighbor, suit its context, serve its community and, perhaps most importantly, create a unique sense of place. That is, as they say, a mighty tall order, an order clearly and ably filled by PSRBB Commercial Group, Inc.


Founded in 1990 as PSR Architects, the firm quickly grew to become PSRBB Architects in 1998. Now as PSRBB Commercial Group, Tommy Razloznik heads a specialized group of professionals dedicated to delivering quality and responsible Architecture that enhances the quality of life in the communities that we endeavor to serve.

The firm is licensed to practice in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah and Colorado. Principals of the firm have served on the local El Paso Chapter Executive Board of the AIA in all facets. Tommy Razloznik has served at the State level as Director from El Paso on two different occasions and is Executive Trustee for the TxA Texas Architects Committee.

Vision Statement

Building upon our core values and the talents of our employees, we will seek continual improvement in all aspects of the firm, proactively encourage responsible growth, and become the respected "Firm of Choice" as we are "Stronger by Design".